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  Modelo  PQ100
  Picture refresh rate  CCIR : 25 fields/sec
  Resolution H x V 1024 x 512 for full screen
  Hor. resolution 700 pixels minimun for full screen
  Color 8 bit, Black and white,  256 grayscales
  Auto scan timing  4 sec
  Video format  CCIR monochrome video signal
  Video input  BNC x 4, 1Vpp adjustable by VR
  Video output BNC x1 , 1Vpp 75 ohm,  Quad or full screen 
  Title   One video out to VCR, 1Vpp 75 ohm
  Dimension LxWxH mm   210 x 220 x 44
  Net weight   1.4Kg
  Power   12 VDC / 200mA 

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